The government is allowing churches to gather again at 30% of their building’s capacity. This means Little Bethel Community Church will be starting up again on Sunday, June 21st, 2020. However, strict protocol will be followed to ensure the provincial standards are upheld. Attention will be paid to and protocol developed with the goal of hindering the contamination of COVID-19 through: 

- social distancing 

- the wearing of masks before leaving your car and until you return to your car

- minimizing communal surfaces 

Before Attending

Due to the limited space and to ensure social distancing is upheld only 12 people will be able to attend the Sunday service. So, we ask that you contact pastor Debbie Iversen via her cell phone to reserve your spot. If we reach capacity, we will put you down for the following week. Please make sure to call by Wednesday at noon. 

We will stream the service live starting at 10:30 am for those who are not able to attend. The doors will be shut at 10:25 and late arrivals will not be able to enter the building due to the fact that we are doing a live stream. 

We will try to keep the service to 30 mins resembling the live stream format. 

If you are ill or do not feel well, please stay home. 

Upon Arrival

You will be directed once you arrive in the parking lot to the entrance of the church and reminded to keep 6 ft/2 meters away from others. You will enter through the side door adjacent to the parking lot. Upon entry into the building you will be instructed to sanitize your hands and then proceed upstairs. 

In the Sanctuary

You will be instructed where to sit. Each household unit will sit together and be separated by 6ft/2 meters from others in all directions. You will remain in the assigned seat until it is time to leave.

There will be no physical contact made with others.

The toilets will be closed and no one will be allowed to go to the toilet. This may be a determining factor for you attending on Sundays at this time.

There will be no Sunday school, no congregational singing even with masks on but humming is permitted.

There will be no break.

No drinks or refreshments are allowed in the church.

The offering plate will not be passed around during the service but will be placed by the door when exiting. 

Upon departure

Each household will be instructed when to exit via the front door of the church. Opportunity to sanitize your hands will be made available before leaving. Someone will tell you when to descend the stairs and go to your car. We ask that no talking to other households be done outside in the parking lot. Please go straight to your car and maintain social distance. 

I know this sounds quite strict, but it is very necessary to hinder the spread of COVID-19. We will keep track of all who attend Little Bethel Community Church each Sunday. If someone should contract COVID-19 we will be able to notify the others who were also in attendance. 

If we do not follow this protocol and an outbreak should occur which could be traced back to one of our Sunday services, the church could come under tremendous scrutiny. This entry step of coming back together will only prove fruitful if we do what we can to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. 

If we hear anything from the government and this procedure needs to be adapted, we will inform you of that immediately. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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